What are the warning signs?

Does your partner do the following…

  1. Calling you names and putting you down?
  2. Jealous and possessive of anyone who tries to talk to you?
  3. Need to know where you’re at all times?
  4. Tries to get a hold of you constantly and gets angry when you don’t respond?
  5. Put down your friends and family?
  6. Criticize you for your interests?
  7. Can’t do anything unless they approve of it?
  8. Pressure you to do things that make you uncomfortable?
  9. Threaten to put you in harm’s way?
  10. Threaten your children, family, and even pets?
  11. Threaten suicide if you leave them?
  12. Make you isolated from your friends and family because she or he wants you to themselves?
  13. Physically assault you?

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