Look for the red flags.

In an abusive relationship, there are often red flags.  Do you know the warning signs?  Here are some of them.

  • Everything seems TOO perfect with your partner.
  • Your partner will say “I love you” sooner than you expected him or her to say.
  • Your partner will be paranoid about just about everyone you talk to or do.
  • You’ll often be embarrassed or humiliated by your partner.
  • Mind games will be a common occurrence. You’ll be called crazy, other names, and he or she will never have your back.
  • He or she will always blame someone else. They accept no sort of responsibility.
  • You notice your partner gets angry easily, so you do everything you can not to upset them.
  • Your partner will want to know where you’re at all times. You won’t have the freedom as they will constantly text, call or email when you’re not around.
  • Your partner will always blame you for any problems in the relationship, even if he or she is violent.
  • Your partner treats the opposite sex with disrespect. This is not your fault.
  • He or she will make you do things that don’t align with your values, even if you are uncomfortable.
  • You stand up for your partner to your friends and family, when you know you shouldn’t.
  • You no longer see your friends and family because you’re not allowed to.
  • There is already a history of abuse that your partner has, which could range from physical alterations to substance abuse.

The situations above tell you if you’re in an abusive relationship or not. If you can find yourself easily say yes to most or all of them, you are probably in one. With that said, it’s important to reach out to someone. If you don’t know anyone that can help you, contact a domestic violence advocate, which is free and confidential. If safe to do so, call your local domestic violence hotline for help and information on what to do. You can call us too, as we can help, at 812-838-3077 or toll-free at 866-391-1927.