Emotional Abuse is real.

When people think of abuse, they often think of physical abuse. But emotional and verbal abuse is real too. It can destroy your confidence, self-esteem, and even your own beliefs. They make you feel that their “helpful criticisms” are supposed to make you feel better, when in fact it’s not. Emotional abusers do not have an issue putting you down, calling you names, giving you empty threats, and gaslighting you whenever they can.

These are just some of the ways that abusers can abuse you. They want to be in control so that they will get what they want. They’ll often make you forget you are in a dangerous situation by being loving to you, giving you false hope in the relationship. They do this because they do not want you to leave or even think about leaving. This is one of the top reasons victims don’t leave, because of that false hope.

Abusers can make you feel helpless.

Abusers love to convince you that things will happen if you try to leave. Or if you try to reach out for help. Then they’ll try to trick you one day by giving you the world, just to keep you wrapped around their finger. But truthfully, it’s hard to get out of that situation and think about your future. You are often confused about whether you should stay with the abuser or leave as soon as possible. This is because of the gaslighting the abuser does to you, which makes you confused, embarrassed, and afraid to reach out for help.

Make a Plan, if you’re ready.

Only you can decide if you are ready to leave an abusive relationship. If you are ready to live on your own by yourself (or with your children), please talk to a domestic violence advocate, as it is free and confidential. We’re one of those that can help you, so call 812-838-3077 or toll-free at 866-391-1927.